Translate original death record

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Translate original death record

ViestiKirjoittaja Katie » 17.12.2017 00:36

I need help in translating the original death record of Enoch. He died 06 Aug 1895 in Alavieska. Here is the link : ... 784&pnum=9

His record is on the right side column for 06 August. I can read Enoch and his age at death and year of birth which match his birth records. I would like the rest of the entry translated. I don't think I will like your findings - he may have died as a result of mutilation.
It looks like he was born Enoch Johansson Takalo based on his birth entry and died as Enoch Wierimaa. This is a very confusing research, he moved to America then moved back to Finland, did he die in Finland or did he die in America and his body was brought back to Finland.
If you can translate his death record I would appreciate it.
Thank You
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Re: Translate original death record

ViestiKirjoittaja JaskaS » 17.12.2017 03:14

ruhjottu = bruised, crushed
More probably in an accident than by act of violence.
Page 128 is given. Do the details there verify his identity? ... 3&pnum=128

:) Jaska
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